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Behind Brolleke, meaning in Brussels dialect "a mess of disparate objects", Pauline Danhaive gives herself the opportunity to remain open to all projects.

Passionate about art and crafts, Pauline has worked successively as conservators-restorers of arts, project and communication manager, webmaster and fashion designer.

An unusual CV but which naturally seems to lead to this project combining art history and "savoir-faire", design and creativity.


Brolleke is envisioned as an online storefront showcasing craftsmanship, design and art, mostly vintage and old, but not exclusively.

Pauline's ambition is also to revalue or transform incomplete, broken or outdated objects by collaborating from time to time with craftsmen and designers.


The selection of objects is based on their style, quality and uniqueness without any particular constraints of time, artists, craftsmen, designers, origins or materials ...


Brolleke offers other services:

* Sourcing of decorative objects or specific furniture

* Revaluation, transformation and custom creation (objects, illustrations, packaging, etc.)

* Advice and interior decoration

* Deposit sale

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