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Each request is seriously analyzed and we are committed to responding to it as best we can.

(For individuals and professionals)


Are you looking for a specific decorative object?

It's not that easy to find it! It takes time and knowledge to estimate, negotiate and acquire!

We can help or advise you.


Deposit sale

Are you an individual and want to sell one or more items?

Brolleke can certainly help you.

See condition

Creation and Repurposing objects

Do you want to enhance, repurpose objects, design furniture or create packaging? Do you have a crazy idea?

Brolleke will definitely help you. 


To collect your object, there are several options:

By post or by hand in Brussels or near Beloeil in Hainaut (Belgium).


Each object is carefully packaged. Unless expressly requested by you during the online purchase (checkbox), the packaging will probably be made with recycled boxes and protections.

Payments by Credit Cards, Bancontact, PayPal or cash.

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Thank you!

Deposit Sale

Deposit sale

Brolleke offers to sell vintage or older items and small furniture deposited by individuals (items selected by us,

according to our quality and aesthetic criteria, and by appointment).

The principles of deposit sale
An individual who want to sell with Brolleke mandate us to exhibit and sell for him the item(s) and for which he will receive a retrocession,

when the item (s) have been sold.

In return, he undertakes to leave Brolleke a commission (below).

Sale price of deposit sale
Items accepted on deposit have a minimum sale price of 140€.

This condition fulfilled, the sale price of the item is determined by mutual agreement between the depositor and Brolleke. The initial price may drop if the item is unsold after a certain period defined in advance (from 2 to 3 months).

Amount of commissions
If the effective selling price (taking into account any reductions):
* is equal to or less than € 500: 35% commission
* is greater than € 500: 30% commission (i.e. a minimum of € 150.30)
21% VAT is included in the commission.

At this time, no deposit fees are due per deposit contract.

Payment of the retrocession
The retrocession (part of the selling price going to the depositor) is equal to the effective selling price less the commission due to Brolleke.
Its payment is made each month, as long as the sum is greater than 80 €.

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